Mares Genius


  • Full Color High Resolution Display
  • Newest ZH-L16C Algorithm
  • Full Tilt Digital Compass
  • Optional Hose Less Air Integration Function
  • Smart Battery Management System

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The Mares Genius Wrist Dive Computer is the latest addition to Mares instrument line up. This full color high resolution display computer is powered by the newest ZH-L16C algorithm with gradient factors and predictive multi-gas functions. Computer is suitable for Air, Nitrox and Trimix with a capability of up to 5 gases. Computer has a full tilt digital compass (up to 80°) with bearing memory and stopwatch for precious underwater navigation procedures. The Genius has a hose less air integration function (optional) and with Mares LED transmitter will provide cylinder pressure up to 4,350 psi (300 bar) and more. Computer can monitor up to five transmitters at a time with optional transmitter making it a great choice for dive guides and instructors. Computer is altitude adjustable to approximately 12,100′ (3,700 m). Depth display is 492′ (150 meters). Time is kept by a quartz movement providing time, date and dive time. The clock menu allows you to set the time format (12/24-hour), time, date, time zone shift and wake-up alarm.

The Genius computer has a bottom timer mode with re-settable average depth and stopwatch functions. Decompression dive planner with additional surface interval function allows precious calculation of deco dive activities. Brilliant logbook with multiple graphs and a capacity of more than 1,000 hours of dive profile at 5-second sampling rate. A smart battery management system that has 40 hours of dive time per full charge from its lithium-ion rechargeable battery, with battery charge indicator. Computer is Bluetooth connectable for direct connection to a smartphone. The computer has a night mode function for low light conditions, map viewing function during a dive, tissue saturation graph with detailed information and the underwater menu allows certain settings to be changed during the dive. Future deco and runaway deco alarm (proprietary) function. The Genius Computer has audio and visual alarms. The TFT LCD display has a mineral glass lens and a 2.7″ (68.6mm) diagonal display. Units of measure can be set for imperial or metric and for fresh or salt water.

Mares Genius Wrist Computer Features:

  • Latest Addition to Mares Instrument Line Up
  • Full Color High Resolution Display (TFT)
  • TFT LCD Display: Mineral Glass Lens, 2.7″ (68.6mm) Diagonal Display Window
  • Newest ZH-L16C Algorithm w/Gradient Factors and Predictive Multi-Gas Functions
  • Suitable for Air, Nitrox and Trimix /Capability of Up to 5 Gases
  • Full Tilt Digital Compass w/Bearing Memory & Stopwatch for Precious U/W Navigation
  • Compass Tilt Up to 80°
  • Hose less Air Integration Function Optional Hose less Air Integration Function
  • Monitor Up to Five Transmitters at Once
  • Great Computer Choice for Dive Guides and Instructors
  • Altitude Adjustable to Approximately 12,100′ (3,700 m)
  • Depth Display: 492′ (150 meters)
  • Timekeeper: Quartz Movement Provides: Time, Date & Dive Time

Clock Menu:

  • Allows Set Time Format (12/24-hour)
  • Time, Date, Time Zone Shift
  • Wake-Up Alarm
  • Bottom Timer Mode w/Re-settable Average Depth and Stopwatch Functions
  • Decompression Dive Planner w/Additional Surface Interval Function
  • Precious Calculation of Deco Dive Activities
  • Brilliant Logbook with Multiple Graphs
  • Logbook Capacity: More than 1,000-Hours of Dive Profile at 5-Second Sampling Rate
  • Smart Battery Management System: 40-Hours of Dive Time per Full Charge
  • Bluetooth Connectable for Direct Connection to Smartphone
  • Night Mode Function for Low Light Conditions
  • Map Viewing Function During Dive
  • Tissue Saturation Graph with Detailed Information
  • Underwater Menu Allows Settings Changes During Dive
  • Future Deco and Runaway Deco Alarm (proprietary) Function
  • Units of Measure: Imperial or Metric
  • Set for Fresh or Salt Water
  • Future Deco and Runaway Deco Alarm (proprietary) Function


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