Mares Quad Air w/LED Tank Module


  • User friendly design
  • Clear display, Large size information
  • 4 button intuitive user interface
  • Allows switching of gases during dive
  • RGBM Mare-Wienke algorithm

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The innovative Mares Quad Air Wrist Dive Computer is a step-up from the Quad, able to read the tank’s pressure, it receives data directly from the dive tank via a wireless transmitter. Also includes a magnificently clear display, w/jumbo size information, 3-row layout & 4-buttons for intuitive use! 3-row layout comprises all relevant data including tank pressure w/optional transmitter. Two customizable fields for ancillary information. Mirrored button function during dive, option to view dive time including seconds & a runaway deco alarm. Computer has a multi-gas capability, decompression dive planner w/user adjustable surface interval & a long battery life, that is user replaceable.

The functions of the Quad Air computer can be grouped into 3-categories, each corresponding to a specific mode of operation. Surface mode: Quad Air is dry on the surface. You can change settings, review logbook, use the dive planner, see remaining desaturation after a dive, download to PC & much more. Dive mode: Quad Air monitors depth, time, tank pressure (optional), temperature & performs all decompression calculations; dive mode itself can be broken down into 4 sub categories: – pre-dive (Quad Air is on the surface but actively monitoring ambient pressure, so that it can begin to calculate a dive the instant it is submerged below 4’/2 meters); – dive – surfacing (Quad Air is on the surface at the end of a dive; dive time calculation is halted but if the diver submerges within 3-minutes the dive is resumed including the time spent on the surface); – post-dive (after the 3-minutes of surfacing mode, Quad Air closes the logbook & reverts to a display showing desaturation time, no-fly time & surface interval; this lasts until the desaturation & the no-fly time both have been reduced to zero). Sleep mode: the computer is on the surface after 1 minute without operation (3 minutes from pre-dive mode). Though the computer appears to be turned off completely, it is still active. Quad Air computes tissue desaturation & checks the ambient pressure once every 20 seconds for uninterrupted monitoring of the environment.

Quad Air, operating altitude with decompression sea level to approximately 12,100′ (3700 meters) – without decompression (gauge mode) at any altitude. Decompression model: RGBM Mares-Wienke (10 tissues). Depth measurement: – Max displayed depth: 492′ (150 meters) – Resolution: In feet is always 1′ (0.30 meter). From 0.1 meter until 99.9 meters & 1 meter at depth deeper than 100 meters. Resolution – Temperature compensation of the measurement between 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to +50°C) – Accuracy from 0 to 262′ (0 to 80 meters): 1% ± 1′ (0.2 meters) Temperature measurement: – Measurement range: 14 °F to 122°F (-10°C to +50°C) – Resolution: 1°F (1°C) – Accuracy: ± 4°F (± 2°C). Clock: quartz clock, time, date, dive time display up to 99 minutes. Oxygen concentration: adjustable between 21% & 99%, ppO2 max range between 17.4 psi & 23.2 psi (1.2 and 1.6 bar). Logbook memory: 35 hours of dive profile at 5-second sampling rate. Operating temperature: 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to +50°C). Storage temperature: -4°F to 158°F (-20°C to 70°C). Display: – Diagonal: 2.75″ (70 mm) mineral glass. Power supply CR2450 user-replaceable battery with a battery life of 100-150 dives. Actual battery duration depends on the usage of the back light & the water temperature.

The LED Tank Module is mounted onto an HP port of the 1’st-stage regulator, and its main function is to transmit tank pressure data via hose-less coded RF protocol to the dive computer. The dive computer then displays the tank pressure & calculates gas consumption rate & time remaining before reaching the reserve value. For this to happen, the tank module & the dive computer must be paired. The LED tank module features also, as the name suggests, an LED on the top of the tank module body. The LED can be used on the surface before a dive to distinguish between a full & an empty tank without needing a dive computer to display the exact value. During a dive the LED blinks when certain pressure levels have been reached & can thus alert your dive buddy or dive guide when you have reached the half tank mark or the tank reserve.

The tank module turns on automatically upon pressurization to at least 145 psi (10 bar). It turns off automatically when the pressure drops below 145 psi (10 bar). To save battery power, the tank module turns itself off also when the pressure does not change over more than 4 minutes. This prevents unnecessary battery consumption in case of a pressure check well ahead of a dive with the tank left open afterwards, or in case the tank is not closed, & the first stage purged immediately after a dive, or in the case of stage tanks that are left pressurized during the dive even when not in use. The tank module turns itself on again when a difference of pressure of more than 14.5 psi (1 bar) is sensed.

Upon pressurizing the tank module, if a pressure of 2600 psi (180 bar) or more is sensed, the LED will blink 10 times in Green color in 4-second intervals. The value of 2600 psi (180 bar) can be set by the user via Android app*.

For battery preservation, the LED turns off after the surface check & stays off until a pressure of 1450 psi (100 bar) is reached (half tank warning). At that point it blinks in yellow color once every 4 seconds. Once the tank pressure reaches 725 psi (50 bar) the LED blinks in RED color once every second (tank reserve). The values of 1450 psi (100 bar) & 725 psi (50 bar) can be set by the user via Android app*. The LED can also be activated to blink permanently with Green color for night dives. This is set by the user via Android app*. The Android app* allows the user to perform also the following: – Read the device ID – Read the firmware version – Read the battery voltage – Perform firmware upgrades. Transmitter is powered by a CR123A user-replaceable battery – Battery life: 150-200 dives.

Air Integrated computerized monitoring of tank pressure is used to determine a bottom time which depends not only on your depth, but also on your actual gas consumption, increasing your dive safety. In addition, the gas consumption (referred to the surface) is displayed on the computer for more control over your dive. The computer does this via the HP Transmitter attached to your first stage regulator by sampling the pressure drop over time & giving you the rate of consumption in minutes remaining. If the time remaining is greater than the no-decompression limit for your depth it will display the shorter time allowed.

*App available for Android only, as iOS does not make NFC communication available for common uses.


Mares Quad Air with LED Tank Module Features:

  • Step-Up from the Quad
  • Now, Reads Tank Pressure w/LED Tank Module
  • Wealth of Great Features! Mares Latest Dive Computer
  • Magnificently Clear, Super User-Friendly Design
  • Clear Display with Jumbo Size Information
  • Two Customizable Fields for Ancillary Information
  • 4-Buttons for Intuitive User Interface
  • Mirrored Button Function During Dive
  • Option to View Dive Time Including Seconds, Great for Safety Stops
  • Runaway Decompression Alarm
  • Decompression Dive Planner w/User Adjustable Surface Interval
  • User Replaceable CR2450 Battery
  • Software Upgradeable, Ready to Grow w/You
  • Segment Display, Provides Needle-Sharp Information
  • Intelligent Placement of Information for Easiest Readability

Mineral Glass Display:

  • Tempered Glass
  • Superior Scratch Resistance
  • Improved Readability in All Diving Conditions & Viewing Angles

Gas Switching:

-One or More Oxygen Enriched – Gases (up to 99%)

-Switching Gases During the Dive

-Benefit from Shorter Decompression Times

-Maximum Depth Display: 492’ (150 meters)

  • Memory Capacity: 38 Hours
  • Imperial or Metric Units of Measure
  • Set for Fresh or Saltwater Diving
  • Stopwatch, Power Indicator and Plan Mode Functions
  • Residual Nitrogen Reset, Audio and Visual Alarms, Ascent Rate Functions
  • Altitude Adjustable to 12,100’ (3,700 meters)
  • Algorithm: RGBM Mare-Wienke
  • Clock: Quartz, Time and Date
  • 12 or 24-Hour Format
  • Back Light Function for Diving in Low Light Conditions
  • Air, Nitrox or Bottom Timer Device

Dive Mode:

-Current Depth, Maximum Depth

-Stopwatch, Dive Time and Temperature

-Ascending; Ascent Speed in Feet or Meters per Minute

  • Download/Upload Options for PC or MAC Computers
  • Durable Rubber Wrist Band

For Download Interface:

-See Mares PC Interface for Dive Link 2

-Or Mares PC Interface for Blue Link

LED Tank Module:

  • Transmit Tank Pressure Data via Hose-Less Coded RF Protocol
  • Compatibility: Mares Quad Air Dive Computer
  • LED On Top of Tank Module Body

LED Functions:

-Surface Mode;

-Distinguish Full/Empty Tank w/o Dive Computer Display Exact Value

-During Dive;

-LED Blinks at Certain Pressure Levels

-Alert Dive Buddy/Guide w/Half Tank or Reserve Reached

LED Functions (Colors):

-2600 psi (180 bar) or More, Blink 10 Times in Green Color

-1450 psi (100 bar) 1/2-Tank Warning, Blinks in Yellow

-Green/Yellow Blinks in 4-Second Intervals

-725 psi (50 bar) LED Blinks in RED Color Once Every Second

Optional LED Functions:

-Requires Android app*

-Change Pressure/LED Color Function

-Blink Permanently w/Green Color for Night Dives

-Read Device ID

-Read Firmware Version

-Read Battery Voltage

  • Perform Firmware Upgrades
  • Transmits Cylinder Information to Computer Screen
  • Provides Pressure Display: 0 to 5,000 psi (0 to 350 bars)
  • Eliminates Pressure Gauge Hose
  • Streamlines Your Diving Profile
  • Gives Gas Time Remaining
  • Increased Dive Safety
  • Power User Replaceable CR123 Battery
  • Battery Life: 150-200 Dives

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